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"Stop dreaming. Start flying." That's the slogan of a nationwide campaign to increase interest in flying. Maybe you thought that it would take too much time or it would be too expensive. Maybe you thought only daredevils became pilots. See how easy, affordable and exhilarating flying really is -- take an intro flight with us and stop dreaming. This way up.

One-Third of the Earth’s surface is covered by land, two-thirds are covered by water, all covered by air!

Introductory Flights only $49

The Introductory Flight Lesson is designed to introduce the potential student to the world of aviation. The lesson will begin on the ground when you are introduced to your FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Your flight instructor will start by giving you all the details involved with obtaining your pilots license and then answer any questions you may have.

Once done, you and your instructor will walk to the flight line where you will assist your flight instructor as he/she preflights the aircraft. Once the preflight is done the time has arrived to take to the skies over Columbia Basin. You and your instructor will take off and fly to one of three predetermined "practice areas" where you will get the chance to take the controls and get a feel for the aircraft.

After 20-30 minutes you will head back to the Grant County International Airport and prepare for a landing or touch and goes. After landing your instructor will answer any questions you may have.

For further detailed flight training information or to print out your Intro-Flight Certificate on your own computer, follow this link to open up your new view of the world!

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Learn to Fly Q&A

Flying is one of the most beautiful ways to appreciate the Pacific Northwest. Fly to Seattle for a Mariners game, fly to the San Juan Islands for a weekend of boating or over the Cascades for a scenic flight. Flying is relaxing and a lot of fun; a good landing is something you'll always be proud of. Because aircraft rentals are based primarily on the number of hours that the engine is running and not on the length of time you are away, trips like these are actually very reasonable.

How long will it take to get my Private Pilot Certificate? In Washington, the average is about 55 hours of logged flight time for students to accomplish all of the prerequisites for a flight test, and more importantly, to be ready to take the test. The Eastern Washington airspace is uncongested but we have large complex runways and once you learn to fly here, you'll be equipped to fly almost anywhere in the U.S. Also, flight instruction includes learning all of the systems and safety procedures for the aircraft and all of the rules for flying throughout the U.S. We recommend that you plan to fly at least once a week for your training, twice a week is optimal. Lessons usually include a one hour flight and some "ground" instruction, during which you review the lesson plan at the club, before and after each flight. Completion of a Private Pilot Certificate usually takes 3-6 months for students who keep up with their reading and schedule frequent lessons.

How much will it cost? If you train in our Cessna 152, 55 hours X $61 per hour = $3355. The price of fuel is included.  Instructors at our school charge $30 per hour. You will likely need a minimum of 50 hours of instructor time, so budget in another $1500 for your instructor. Please keep in mind that you pay as you go, so you pay for training in installments and at the pace you choose.  We have Pilot Financing packages availabe as well to fund your lessons to qualified students.   Also, if you keep up with your studying at home, training will cost less, because your instructor will need to spend less time with you reviewing material that you are already somewhat familiar with. We suggest that you deposit $500 into your flight training account and get the addtional benefits of the "block" rates.

Are there tests? There is a practical flight test and a written test. The best plan is to study for the written test while you take flight instruction. The written test is easy, and there are videos, self-paced books to work through with your instructor, or ground schools to help you ace it!

Any age limits or vision or health requirements? You must be 16 to fly solo, but you can begin before your 16th birthday. You must be 17 to get your license. As for vision, if your eyes can be corrected with glasses or contacts, there is usually no problem; color-blindness is also not usually a problem. Generally good health is all that is required.

We welcome you to what we believe is the friendliest flight training facility in State, Grant County International, MWH!

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