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Consolidated PBY, 28-5ACF (PBY-5A)

CV 28-5ACF PBY-5A Super Catalina N31235 S/N 48426


Built on January 6th 1944

S/N 48426

Registration N31235

Has been modified by STC to a EQM Super Catalina

Currently registered “Restricted Category”

Configured as a water bomber

Curtis Wright R2600-35 engines, 1700hp.

Total Time Air Frame 11350

Left Engine SMOH 435

Right Engine SMOH 1183

Left Prop TTSMOH 771, “0” since AD and repair.

Right Prop TTSMOH 336, “0” since AD and repair.


This aircraft has been in storage for nearly 10 years but has since been properly “woke up” and ready to begin service.  Before being converted to a Water scooper/bomber, it served most recently for Alaska Coastal Airlines (Alaska Airlines) serving as a passenger and freight hauler before large land runways were put in.  It previously held a Standard Airworthiness Certificate and was certified for up to 22 passengers under T.C. 785 (CAR3 & 4a) this aircraft has the unique benefits of retaining the blister Bubbles, converted to the civilian style for ease of passenger entry and maintenance, clipper bow with deck hatch, anchor hatch and an extremely rare and functional aft electric Air Stair!  No need to hang off ladders and ropes to enter this aircraft, walk up and down the back like a 727. An Alaska Airlines water steering system allowing independent operation of the MLG from the captain’s seat is also installed to make water maneuvering a cinch. Rare.

The avionics package is straight forward and operational to include a Wulfburg 9600 system.

The water tank and drop door system can be removed fairly easily from the airframe and brought back to original configuration.  As is, this tank system allows easy walk through access via the bulkhead doors.  Aircraft has been located in the dry Semi-arid desert of Washington for over 25 years and has only been in the saltwater (Bahamas) once in that time.  The T.C. allows for a variety of further options and mods to include under slung boats!  The possibilities are nearly endless for the uses the new owner could do with this machine.


Offered at $345,000 us


Additionally, we have an extensive spares inventory available for purchase to support this aircraft to include QEC engine assemblies, wheels, tires, actuators, wing floats and wishbones, landing gear, brakes, relays Interior seating (22 passenger) etc. etc.




Curtis Wright

R2600 Powered


Aft Airstair.

Compartment contains

baggage areas on the


Aft Airstair.
Drivers Seats. Dual comm panels
"Civilian Style" Blisters

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